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Heurstic’s apps are recognised for their quality, depth and rich visual appeal. The Heuristic team are regularly speakers at industry events where they speak on a range of subjects including app development, the converging of the creative industries, the aesthetics of app design, and innovation in publishing.

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London Press
Winner – FutureBook Best Reference App 2012
“an extraordinary app… vast, complex and endlessly fascinating” Michael Bhaskar, Futurebook 2012 judge
Shortlisted for Design Week Awards 2013 – to be announced June 4 2013.
Apple promos – Best of App Store 2012, Editor’s Choice US, No 1 in UK reference on launch
“The best London city app we’ve ever seen” Now Here This (Time Out Blog)
“a new digital wonder-box released in time for the Olympics. “London: A City Through Time” is neither coffee-table book nor guide nor map, but a nearly endless fusion of all three in a digital application”
“It’s like having a pair of magic spectacles that reveal London’s hidden history.”
“London: A City Through Time is the final word in historical London apps...It’s worth every penny and megabyte”
“Amid a sea of London-related apps hoping to capitalise on this summer's Olympic Games, Heuristic Media's stands out for its craft and depth.”
“it's like the ultimate coffee table book and the ultimate TV documentary all rolled in to one. Expensive by App Store standards, this is still an absolute bargain.”
“It's a museum, guide book and map,  and then some, telling you more than you could ever imagine about London's history.”
Python Press
Launched with exclusive Python event at The Apple Store Regent Street, London
Cyclpedia Press
Apple’s App of the week – Jan 2012
The Appside – Publishing apps – June 2012 Richard

Futurebook Innovation Workshop – July 2012 - Richard

Creative and Digital Series – Mobile Apps– January 2013 – Patrick

Byte the Book – May 2013 - Richard